Grade School And High School Basketball Training Program

 Program Features and Objectives: 

 • Mechanics and Mindset - How to Become An Impact Defensive Player

• Running the Floor and Advancing the Ball-The Dynamics Of Transition Offense

 • Handling and Passing the Ball-Drills That Translate To Games And Develop Court Awareness

• Playing Offense Without The Ball-How To Screen, Cut And Get Your Teammates Open

 • Learning to Use Your Voice to Help Your Teammates and Control The Game

 • Improving Physical Condition and Mental Toughness - Get Better Late In Games

• Expanding Offensive Skills and Scoring Options-How to Score With In Team Concept

• Film Review of Each Player as the Program Progresses

Session ONE: June 5th - July 1st 

Session TWO:   July 10th - August 4th

 All Workout Times Are 8-10am • Boys And Girls Together

 MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY • Grades 4-8 (Entering) TUESDAY,  THURSDAY, SATURDAY • Grades 9-12 (Entering)

FEE: YMCA member $60 per session or $100 for both sessions

Program Participant: $75 per session or $125 for both sessions

 20% discount for multiplayer family registration fee includes t-shirt


Held at the Wellman Parkside YMCA 

Program Director: Marcus Hall    319 656-2400 mhall@washingtony.org 

WELLMAN/KALONA COED TOWN BALL Registration Form and Sign Up Dates
(T-ball Coach Pitch Minor Majors )
 Location: Kalona Y and Wellman Y tball coach pitch minor majors ball 2017
Wellman Parkside YMCA Basics while focusing on essential physical and life skills
MIGHTY WARRIOR:Ages: 4-6 years Day/Time: Tuesday & Thursday 5:30-6:00pm Fee: $25/member/month; $35/nonmember/month
BEGINNER: 7 years and older Day/Time: Tuesday & Thursday 6:00-7:00pm Fee: $25/member/month; $35/nonmember/month
INTERMEDIATE: AGES: Teens and adults Day/Time: Tuesday & Thursday; 7:00-8:00pm Fee: $25/member/month; $35 nonmember/month